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Whose on the farm...


David picks apples... Michael & Brett bring the apples in...
David HahnMike & Brett

A working family photo in the apple trees... Hale looks as cute as possible to earn a cookie...
The FamilyHale

Miriam works at the register... While Gary lays the new raised beds for strawberries...

Amy finds the biggest apple in the orchard... Michael & his box of apples...
AmyMichael Hahn

Gus devours a peach... And rainy weather doesn't dampen the two Michaels' spirits.
GusRainy Day

Hillary & Sam dig for seeds from last year's monster pumpkin... And Casey hand thins peaches
Pumpkins GutsThinning Peaches

The most serious pie break you've ever seen. They are really serious about pie.
Serious Pie