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Our Growing Season

Strawberry season typically runs from the beginning of May through the 2nd or 3rd week of June. You can pick-your-own in June(depending on the season) or buy them already picked.

Cherries: We grow 3 sour varieties, available late June. You can pick your own in a good year.

Blueberries: 7 varieties starting late June and finishing mid august.
You can pick your own.

Blackberries are available mid summer and into August, we harvest them at their sweetest. We are happy to offer PYO when they are at their peak!
Don’t miss these ...

Peaches and Nectarines start on July 4th and continue into September , finishing after Labor Day. Peaches are not a pick your own crop.

Apples: Season starts mid-August and we sell apples throughout the winter. You can mix and match apple varieties in the market and larger quantities are available as well. Apples are not a pick your own crop, but if your school group would like a farm tour please contact us. We do press fresh Cider from our apples and sell it in our market.

Peaches & Nectarines:

by A. Sinderbrand
painting courtesy of A. Sinderbrand

Rich May(7/1)
Early Star(7/4)
Desiree (7/10)
Sugar May (7/18)
Sentry (7/15)
Amy, white nectarine (7/13)
Artic Glo
Glen Glo (7/15)
Red Haven (7/26)
Raritan Rose (7/29)
Harbright (8/5)
Ernie’s Choice (8/10)
White Lady (8/15)
Star Fire
John Boy (8/15
Artic Queen
Artic Rose
Sun Hi (8/19)
Mountain Rose
Loring (8/21)
Cresthaven (8/30)
NJ 252 (9/9)
JH Hale (9/3)
White Hale (9/5)
Lady Nancy
Zephyr (9/10)
White Nectarines: (7/18, 8/10 & 8/18,9/12)
Yellow Nectarines (8/8, 8/15 & 8/30)
Donut/Flat Peaches (2 kinds):
Venus & Saturn (7/26 - 8/10)


by A. Sinderbrand
painting courtesy of A. Sinderbrand

Apples start in August with the harvest continuing into November. We offer 23 varieties! Each variety should be available for a few months after it's harvest date.

Sanza (8/12)
Gala (8/28)
Honey Crisp (9/7)
Daybreak Fuji (9/10)
Crimsoncrisp (9/15)
Cortland (9/15)
Ruby Jon (9/15)
Ruby Mac (9/15)
Jonagold (9/27)
Mutsu (10/5)
Hudson Valley Golden Gem (10/5)
SunCrisp 10/10
Fuji (10/10)
Keepsake (10/10)
Winesap (10/20)
Stayman (10/20)
Gold Rush (11/2)
Braeburn (11/1)
Granny Smith (11/8)
Pink Lady (11/14)

Pruning Classes

During the Winter Months...we are offering 2 Pruning Classes. One on Tree Fruit pruning and one focused on Bramble Pruning. Be sure to join our email list so you don't miss these great opportunities to learn from Gary.