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3157 Comfort Road, New Hope, PA 18938

(215) 297-8220

About Manoff's

Chelsea & her flowersGary and Amy began farming on Comfort Road in 1984.  Heritage Conservancy (formerly Bucks County Conservancy) reserved the land for farming. The orchard that had belonged to the Roberts’ had been let go for 25 yrs, so there was a lot of land clearing to start the project.  We followed a Soil Conservation Plan to preserve the soil. We erected waterways and terraces to control rain water runoff.  Then installed a well and connected drip irrigation lines to use the most efficient and environmentally sound method available for keeping crops growing. 

In our first Peach Orchard block we planted White Hale peach trees as well as some other varieties to test.  White Hale peaches were made famous in the neighborhood years before when the Johnson family farmed there.  We planted our second block of peaches 9 years later in the upper part of the farm and we continue our tradition of old fashioned flavorful varieties in each new planting.

We plant many varieties of fruit: White and yellow peaches , white and yellow nectarines and 25 different apples. Our strawberry field has 3 varieties of berries .  In 2006, Michael harvested his first Blackberry crop.  It has become a customer favorite because the flavor is amazing. In 2016, we harvested our first Blueberry Crop. It looks like a winner and offers another pick your own opportunity during the summer. Our customers are always amazed that there are so many choices!

We started the Cidery in 2018 and are excited to share the great taste of real hard cider. Come on by to learn more. We enjoy the opportunity to connect people with great tasting food and help them remember why buying locally really does make a difference.